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Grant DesireeGrant Desiree
14:11 28 Nov 22
Always efficient, always great communication and always a really good price. These scaffolding company have been with us every step of the way on our project and some smaller jobs. We will definitely be using them again!
Sanj ChowdhriSanj Chowdhri
15:07 16 Sep 22
Great job guys, thanks so much for your efforts and changes we needed.
They are amazing Chaps. They are very prompt and professional. Reasonable price. Fantastic service overall.
vasile cojocvasile cojoc
23:16 17 Dec 21
Good team, very helpful and very efficient service.
kamil tokarczykkamil tokarczyk
22:36 15 Dec 21
Qualified and professional. High level of services provided. Professional approach to the client. Always on time. 100% recommend
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Leox Scaffolding Hire Slough

We Provide Scaffolding Rental Services In Slough & Nearby Areas

When it comes to scaffolding rental and scaffolding hire Slough clients have come to trust our many years of invaluable industry experience. As an established scaffolding company, LEOX Scaffolding LTD is the company to call when you want professional excellence and great results

Our reputation in the scaffolding industry continues to grow as we provide the best scaffolding Slough has to offer, ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed. For all our scaffolding rental services we believe in a customer-driven approach that comes with professional and personal service to ensure projects are successful. 

As well as enjoying our clients can take advantage of our expertise in design and consulting, with our senior estimator on hand to discuss tenders. 

For cost-effective and trusted scaffolding hire and scaffolding rental Slough customers should contact LEOX Scaffolding Ltd.

Why Should You Choose LEOX Scaffolding LTD For Scaffolding Rental?

We Will Deliver The Best Scaffolding Hire Experience And More


LEOX has many years of experience with scaffolding rental Slough wide as shown by our online portfolio of projects. Our scaffolding experience ensures an efficient scaffolding rental service for all clients.


We are proud to offer high-quality scaffolding work and scaffolding rental that is designed to minimize the potential for falls and injuries on your site, a safety-first approach.

Site Management

LEOX offers scaffolding rental that comes with our on-site management and supervision. We can oversee subcontractors, deliveries, operatives, and ensure safety standards for all our scaffolding hire Slough wide.


Our scaffolding London team can help clients with expert planning and design that guarantee your projects run smoothly, as well as finishing on time and within the agreed budget.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is something the LEOX team takes seriously for all our scaffolding hire and scaffolding rental London. Creating a safe environment for our employees, visitors, and members of the public is something we will never compromise.

Environmental Management

Environment protection is part of all our scaffolding hire services and we take care to ensure all our work is done with one eye on minimizing the environmental impact.

There Are Only Few Steps To Hire Our Scaffolding Company Slough - Contact Us Today

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Our scaffolding team will come to your location and take the measurements

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Our scaffolding rental quotes detail the cost for the scaffolding hire period and when payments are due to start


When scaffolding rental is agreed upon, we will arrange to start as soon as possible

We Provide Wide Range Of Scaffolding Services For Both Commercial & Residential Projects

Our experienced scaffolding team is here to work on projects of any size. Whether it is a residential job or a multi-story development, or even naval ships or power stations, our scaffolders have the experience you need.  Our scaffolding rental in Slough is provided in a timely manner and always comes with a fully safe access solution for your individual requirements. With our scaffolding rental services, our clients from all parts of the construction industry trust our expertise, from builders and tradespersons and national construction companies, so contact LEOX for all your scaffolding needs.

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Protect Your Employees Thanks To Our Professional Setup Of Scaffolding

Using a professional scaffolding rental company, will ensure the health and safety of your contractors, whilst they work. By using a scaffolding hire Slough based, you are erecting scaffolding that will provide a secure platform, from which your contractors can work. No matter how high they have to go, or how awkward the accessibility is. The scaffolding will keep your workers safe whilst they are working at different heights, and will allow them to carry equipment and move around the construction easily and safely.

At Leox Scaffolding LTD, our clients know they can trust our scaffolding hire Slough to keep their contractors safe and to ensure they can work with minimal risk. Our scaffolding team will assemble and erect the scaffolding efficiently and carefully and then dismantle it when your construction project is complete. You can trust our scaffolders to assemble the scaffolding rental Slough, so that it is stable, safe and ready for use.

The Importance Of Safety Standards While Scaffolding Rental Slough And How To Keep Up With Them

When constructing a single-storey building, scaffolding hire can be used to make a working platform up to four metres high. As a safety-conscious scaffolding rental slough service, we ensure our clients are as safe as possible. All of our workers are certified, fully trained and licensed.

By hiring our scaffolding, we guarantee it will be erected properly, securely and safely. Our scaffolding hire services come with the assurance that we meet all industry health and safety standards.

At LEOX scaffolding LTD, we provide safe, affordable quality scaffolding rental slough services. Our professional teams are experienced and can assemble components like tubes, couplers, and frames to form a scaffold.

Scaffolding Rental Slough Framework Process

Our 4-step scaffolding hire process has been developed to ensure that you receive the best possible service from our scaffolding Slough company. Each step flows into the next consequent action in a logical advancement.

Step 1
Attending to customer needs

Our customers are our most important asset. We make sure we do everything possible to recognise and meet your scaffolding rental needs, give professional advice when needed and ensure we give an accurate and affordable quote.

Step 2
Plan Your Project Successfully

We know that planning is a necessity for any successful project. from our initial contact with you until the completion of your project, you can be assured that every step has been carefully planned.

Step 3
Hassle-Free Scaffolding Installation

We’ve recognised your needs and planned your scaffolding hire project, it’s time to install the scaffolding. Our scaffolders are experienced and competent, you can rely on them to install the scaffolding efficiently and problem-free,

Step 4
Conforming To Regulations

We will explain everything you need to know and demonstrate how safe and easy to use our scaffolding rental is. We will then set you up with a handover, as required by our Scaffolding rental slough company regulations.

Small Routine Jobs That Might Require Scaffolding Hire Slough

Hiring A Scaffolding Company For Home Renovations

Home extensions, loft conversions and other home improvements that involve construction work have to have scaffolding rental Slough so that the contractors can have access to all the areas they need to. The scaffolding gives the contractors a safe place to work from.

Painters And Decorators Need The Right Scaffolding Rental Slough To Do The Job Right

Painters and decorators work from all heights from the floor to the top of buildings, they need scaffolding hire Slough. The scaffolding provides them with a safe and secure work platform when working at hazardous heights.

Hire Scaffolding To Finish All Of The House Building Repairs

Building contractors that are making building repairs have to have access to all areas of the building, even the roof. So, scaffolding hire Slough is needed so that the contractors can work safely without the risk of injury.

Call Ladders For Scaffolding Hire To Allow Our Experts To Carry A Thorough House Inspection

Building inspectors have to inspect every aspect of the building for safety and stability, they have to check from the basement to the roof. So scaffolding hire Slough is essential so that they can access all areas of the building safely.