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LEOX Scaffolding Harrow
We Provide Professional Scaffolding Rental & Hire Services!

LEOX Scaffolding LTD is the company to call when you need a scaffolding rental. We are an established reputable scaffolding company Harrow based. We have years of experience serving the construction industry and are well known for our professional services and excellent customer service. Our reputation for efficiency and quality scaffolding hire Harrow has spread across London and the surrounding areas by our loyal customers. We prioritize customer service and build a close working relationship with our customers, making sure that we are available for any queries they have so that projects run efficiently and smoothly. Whatever you need, from design advice to support for calculating project costs, from large long-term constructions to smaller residential jobs, contact us for your scaffolding hire Harrow projects. We can supply whatever you need.

Why LEOX Scaffolding Harrow Is The Company To Trust?


Our many years of experience in Scaffolding, and a large portfolio of various projects are the result of a fast, efficient service constructing and dismantling the scaffolding hired.


Our scaffolding equipment is made from the best materials, ensuring that any risks of injuries to workers and civilians are reduced.

Site Management

Our on-site management duties include: supervision of subcontractors, deliveries, and operatives and enforcing safety standards for all our scaffolding hire Harrow.


Our scaffolding rental Harrow experts offer planning and design services to ensure the smooth progression of your project in meeting deadlines and keeping to budgets.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are our premier objectives, we actively ensure a safe environment for workers and members of the public, across Harrow, using our equipment.

Environmental Management

Our Scaffolding company Harrow ethos includes protecting the environment and preventing pollution. You can be assured we place importance on being environmentally friendly in our scaffolding hire Harrow projects.

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We Can Work With You
On A Variety Of Projects.

Our experienced team have worked on many projects, residential constructions, large multi-story developments, and even naval ships and power plants. If you require scaffolding Harrow, we are equipped with experience, knowledge, and skill to give you whatever you need. We will ensure that you can complete your project in a safe and efficient manner. No matter the size of the project, we provide all aspects needed, including the hire of scaffolding, builders, and tradesmen. For national construction companies, we can provide services for multi-stage and multi-story commercial developments.
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Make Your Work At Height Easier & Safety
With Our Scaffolding Company Harrow

Using scaffolding hire Harrow at your construction site is critical for your workers safety and well being. Without scaffolding hire Harrow, your contractors will be unable to access all parts of the construction, or work at heights safely. Scaffolding Harrow rental, gives a temporary set of stable, strong platforms around your construction. These platforms allow your workers to move around the site carrying tools and materials to areas on the build that are difficult to access. Scaffolding rental Harrow also allows contractors to work at different heights on the site, without the use of unstable, dangerous ladders.

Leox Scaffolding LTD is a well known scaffolding company Harrow based, that supplies quality scaffolding hire Harrow. We have an excellent reputation for quality scaffolding and the efficiency in which our scaffolding team assemble and erect the scaffolding. Our scaffolders will make sure the scaffolding is assembled properly and that it is stable and ready to be used. At the end of your construction project, our scaffolders will return and quickly dissemble the scaffolding.