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Our team of highly experienced scaffolding experts make us the best scaffolding company in London. We have carefully built our reputation for delivering quality services on time and within budget, and all our scaffolding hire London observes the highest safety standards in the industry. All our scaffolding rental in London is done in close consultation with clients,  from planning to completion for all our projects.

Whatever project you need scaffolding for, we will work with you to get the right quote for our bespoke work, ensuring value for money that meets with your requirements. With our scaffolding hire in London. It sets us up to complete great projects.

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Leox Scaffolding LTD Services

​Chimney Stack Scaffolds

Chimney stack scaffolds are used to provide access to the top of tall structures, such as chimneys and tall buildings. They are typically constructed of steel and are designed to be able to withstand wind and other weather conditions. The scaffolds provide a safe platform for workers to reach the top of the structure and perform necessary maintenance and repairs.

Conservatory Scaffolds

A conservatory scaffold is a type of scaffolding used for building or repairing conservatories, which are structures that are typically made of glass or clear plastic and used as a living or working space that is connected to a building. Conservatory scaffolding is typically a temporary structure made of aluminium or steel, designed to provide access to the roof or sides of the conservatory for construction or maintenance work.

Edge Protection Handrails

Edge protection handrails are safety features installed on scaffolding to provide protection for workers and prevent falls from heights. These handrails are typically made of steel or aluminium and are attached to the scaffolding structure along its open edges, such as around the perimeter of the working platform or along the sides of staircases.

Independent Scaffolds

An independent scaffold is a type of scaffold that is designed to be self-supporting and does not rely on any external support or attachment for stability. In construction, scaffolding is used as a temporary platform to support workers and materials during the construction or repair of a building.

Rubbish Chutes

A rubbish chute is a vertical channel used to dispose of solid waste from one floor of a building to another. It is typically made of metal or reinforced plastic and is equipped with doors or flaps to control the flow of waste. The waste falls through the chute and into a bin or dumpster at the bottom.


Stairway scaffold frames are designed to allow workers to quickly and easily travel A stairway scaffold frame is a type of scaffolding system designed specifically for use on staircases. It is a freestanding structure that is used to support workers and materials while they perform various tasks such as painting, cleaning, or repairs.

Temporary Roof Scaffolds

Temporary roof scaffolds are a type of scaffolding system that is designed to provide access to the roof of a building for maintenance, repair, or construction purposes. They are usually made of lightweight and adjustable aluminium or steel components and are designed to be quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Tower Scaffolds

Tower scaffolds are a type of scaffolding system that is used to provide access to elevated areas for maintenance, repair, or construction purposes. They consist of freestanding vertical towers made of aluminium or steel, with horizontal platforms and guardrails to provide a safe working surface for workers.

Loading Bays

Loading bays are areas designated for loading and unloading goods and materials from vehicles, such as trucks or trailers. They are typically found at warehouses, distribution centers, ports, and other locations where goods are received and shipped.

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